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Decree for Minimum Wage  

From January 1st, 2023, the decree for minimum wage will be in effect.

Some categories of employees are exempted from the decree and these are:

  • Those who work in agriculture

  • Domestic Helpers

  • Those who work in shipping

  • Those who receive more favorable treatment through contract, custom or other decree

  • People receiving training or education for a degree or professional qualification When the employer offers food and accommodation, 15% for food and 10% for accommodation can be deducted from the amount in money by agreement between the parties. The employee will be able to withdraw from this agreement with 45 days' notice.

  • Regarding seasonal workers up to 18 years of age, 25% can be deducted from the ECM, while no other amount can be deducted at the same time.

According to the Minister of Labor, forty thousand low-wage workers will benefit from the establishment of the National Minimum Wage, while in some cases the increase may reach 30%.

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