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The Firm

The firm was founded in Limassol in 2004 by Christos S. Christodoulou. Within just a few years it became a professional reference of what the accountancy profession in Cyprus had to offer.  Our achievements are mainly credited to the dedication and commitment of our people who are highly skilled professionals, genuinely caring about our clients. They are also credited to our vision in combination with the principles and ethics that guide us. 


In the year 2005, the firm became the first accounting, auditing firm outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, winning a global award for quality, issued by ACCA. By applying international practices for professional services and operations as required by ACCA, the firm was presented with the ACCA Quality Checked award, being the first firm to achieve this since the award went global. Moreover, the firm was awarded again by ACCA and ICPAC with Quality Checked Awards in 2013. During the year 2015, ACCA and ICPAC have discontinued their Quality Checked program and they do not offer the Quality Checked Award to their members anymore.


Moreover, the firm has been presented with many other awards, honors and appointments, i.e. Auditors of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Cyprus (ICPAC), the Gold Approved Employer status by ACCA and others. In 2019, the firm has passed successfully its third consecutive monitoring visit by ACCA and ICPAC, not only for its auditing and other professional services but also for its AML compliance with the local laws and European Directives.

The Firm

Mission & Values

In a world that is constantly changing, facing significant socio-economic and environmental challenges, our mission is to inspire and strengthen our clients to make confident decisions and grow, by understanding what’s important for them. Our aim is to turn our knowledge into a valuable asset for our clients, ensuring they benefit from our insights, experience and expertise.


To be a client’s accountant means to be able to provide more than numbers. At CSC Christodoulou, we seize every opportunity to offer you more than what you expect from an accounting firm. From traditional accounting, auditing and tax services, to specialized tax solutions and business advisory targeted to your exclusive needs, we will do more than calculate the numbers.


We will assist you to enhance them and grow your business. You can feel assured that you will receive globally awarded professional quality services, personal care and attention and have quick access to your accounting and advisory team.






Awards & Honours


  • ACCA Quality Checked award *


  • ICPAC Quality Checked award*

  • ACCA Quality Checked award*


  • ACCA Accredited Employer award - Professional practice

  • ACCA Gold Approved Employer award


  • Secretary of the Shipping Committee of ICPAC


  • Elected as a member of the Executive Committee of AAT Cyprus


  • ACCA Gold Approved Employer award

  • ACCA Accredited Employer award - Professional practice


  • Presidency of the VAT Committee of ICPAC


  • Vice President of the VAT Committee of ICPAC

  • ICAEW Authorised Training Employer


  • Appointed as the external auditors of ICPAC (still active)


  • ACCA CPD Approved Employer

  • 3rd Successful Audit and AML Monitoring Visit by ACCA and ICPAC

  • President of the VAT Committee of ICPAC


  • ACCA Gold Approved Employer award

  • ACCA Accredited Employer award - Professional practice

* ACCA and ICPAC have discontinued their “Quality Checked” program


Our Contribution to the business society in Cyprus

During our firm’s history we made sure to have a systematic connection with the business community of Cyprus. This is our commitment for the future.  Either through our professional appointments, or through  free educational seminars and presentations that we organise for the business community, we always transfer our knowledge and experience to our clients and to all enterprises in general. After all, the evolution of the economic-financing- tax environment,  not just in our country but globally, requires, not only the professionals, but the management of each business, to be alert and have a continuous professional development and education. 

Through our experience and our continuous involvement with business matters, we offer the necessary education and alerts so as to avoid mistakes and comply with the relevant legislations and secure, through best practises,  the minimum exposure to taxes and maximise the profitability of an enterprise. 

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Christos Christodoulou

Christos S. Christodoulou, FCCA, CFE

Managing Director

T: +357 25 738 938

Christos S. Christodoulou is the founder and CEO of CSC Christodoulou Ltd. He holds the professional title of Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and he is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Cyprus (ICPAC), holding the relevant practising certificate.  

Christos is currently the President of the VAT committee of the ICPAC for the period 2019-2021, (previously served as a member, secretary and president, for the last 20 years).  He participates in several meetings at the Ministry of Finance, the House of Representatives and with the Tax Commissioner, for the formulation of tax laws, circulars and tax policies. He journals regularly about tax and other financial and economic subjects and interferes in a constructive way for promoting best practices and policies for the development of the Cyprus economy. 

Phoebe Christodoulou

Phoebe Christodoulou

Chief Accountant

T: +357 25 738 938

Phoebe studied accounting and she is a holder of the Higher Stage Certificate in Accounting from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With more than 25 years of experience, most of them in senior accounting positions, she is the heart and soul of the firm., controlling all of the firm’s departments and arranging the firm’s financials.

Elena Cocconi

Elena Cocconi, FCA

T: +357 25 738 938

Elena studied Public and Business Administration, specialising in Accounting, at the University of Cyprus and graduated in 2002. She is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales where she joined in 2005 as well as a member of the Institute of Certified and Public Accountants of Cyprus. Elena had been employed for fifteen years in the Audit Department of one of the Big Four Firms in Cyprus and she is currently a Director at CSC Christodoulou Ltd.

Praxoula Evagorou

Praxoula Evagorou, 

T: +357 25 738 938

Praxoula holds a Higher Stage Certificate in Accounting from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is a dedicated, practical and highly versed professional working in the accounting sector since 1979. Her academic and theoretical backgrounds are complemented by over 35 years of practical and applied experience in the field.

Anna Ellina Spathari

Anna Ellina Spathari, FCCA

Senior Manager, Assurance Dept.

T: +357 25 738 938

Anna is a certified accountant and a Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants where she joined in 2008 as well as a member of the Institute of Certified and Public Accountants of Cyprus. Anna was employed by CSC Christodoulou Ltd in 2006 and she is currently a Senior Manager at the Audit Department.


Katerina Georgiou - Neophytou
Director, Nicosia Office 

T: +357 25 738 938

Katerina holds the professional title of Fellow Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) since 2015 and as of 2015 is a member of the Cyprus Association of Chartered Accountants (SELC). Since 2007 she has been working in audit firms in the field of Audit and Accreditation while as of 2015 she has been a member of the Audit and Accreditation team of CSC Christodoulou Ltd. On September 1st, 2022 she took over the management of the new office in Nicosia.



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