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Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is booming nowadays in Cyprus.  From housing projects to commercial, hotel resorts and investment type projects, the market rallies.  

Our firm is considered to be a specialist in this area.  We deal with all complex tax cases involving such transactions, carry out tax and financial due diligence, advice on the most effective structuring allowed by the law, secure tax rulings (vat and other) prior to the execution of a transaction and we know how to apply all recent IFRS’s on presenting these transactions in the financial statements.  Through our honorary appointments, we participate in the formulation of tax laws and circulars for the real estate industry, and we carry out seminars and lectures open to the business community.  Moreover, we have a vast experience in preparing detailed viability studies presenting them to financiers for securing finance.  

Some of our clients are industry leaders and pioneers in their dealings.

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